Parent Rules for Girls Golf

The 2020 Cloverleaf Girls Golf Season is among us and I just wanted spectators to know they are permitted to watch and follow their daughter around the course. They need to be a half a hole behind or ahead of their daughter. They are not permitted to converse with any participates including those of another team. It will be the responsibility of contestants in each foursome or threesome to caution ANY spectator from talking to or interfering with contestants in their group. Failure to do so will result in a penalty or disqualification of the contestants involved. Please do not talk to any player, while they are playing. You can spot balls and point out where the ball is located and then move a half a hole ahead or behind them. If I see this is not being followed for the sake of the player I will have to ask you to leave and I don't want to have to do that. You can also not use hand gestures to communicate your daughter. If the player starts talking to you just walk away because I don't want to see them get disqualified.  If you see other parents talking to their players feel free to tell an official nearby.

Coach Michel


Athlete Information Packet Fall 2020

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