Middle School Club Team

The Cloverleaf Middle School Club Team starts August

Course Objects:
The student will:
- Identify and create artwork based on the elements of art and on the principles of art.
- Demonstrate through their artwork how to use the elements of art to show movement and express feelings.
- Recognize, compare and use different media to create their artwork.
- Develop a respect and appreciation for the artwork of artists, including classmates' art.
- Recognize and compare differences in several art mediums.
- Create representational and abstract art.
- Learn to create proper shading and blending.
- Communicate thoughts, feelings and experiences to others through art.
- Understand terms that are basic to art media, procedures and techniques, as well as art appreciation.
- Maintain a sketchbook for a variety of drawing assignments to perfect their hand-eye ability and drawing skill.

Enduring Understandings:
6th Grade students will develop an understanding of how generating ideas and planning can lead to expressive creations. Students will also have a better understanding of how color theory influences artists. Artists will communicate meaning through the visual arts.

Essential Questions:
What is blending?
What is composition?
How do I draw a still life?
What are the elements and principles of design?

6th Grade Projects

6th Grade Sketchbook

The 6th grade sketchbook will be handed out on the first day of the quarter. The students will have time in class and out of class to complete the 11 page sketchbook. They will be using their creativity and imagination to compete each assignment. The sketchbook will be handed in for a grade at the end of the quarter. Each student is responsible for completing it before the quarter ends. You can look, download and print it below. Enjoy!